DONATE TO orgs that will lose funding under the GLOBAL Gag Rule

Per immigration attorney Keli Reynolds, when Trump signed an executive action on January 23, 2017 reinstating the Global Gag Rule preventing foreign aid to NGOs that provide abortion, abortion-related services or even information on abortion, her contacts on the ground identified the following organizations that are almost sure to lose funding. 

International Medical Corps: Women's Health Services Donate here.

Marie Stopes International.  Donate here.

United Nations Population Fund

Women on Waves - A more radical organization. Donate here.

Save the Children - Takes a mother and child approach to health care. 


This list was researched by Cara Sherman. The percentages refer to the percent of counties in that state with no abortion provider per wikipedia, making the need for abortion access funds all the more important for women in these states (click on state to get to the respective access funds). The Guttmacher Institute also has a data table on abortion access. Rewire is an online magazine dedicated to reporting facts on sexual and reproductive rights issues and justice.  And for the record, abortion rates in this country are declining

Abortion access funds by state:

Wyoming. 100%. The access fund suggests there are 2 providers in Jackson. 

Mississippi. 99%.  

West Virginia.  98%.  WV Free uses funds to help provide abortion through medicaid.

South Dakota. 98%. 

North Dakota. 98%  

Kentucky. 98% (also:

Kansas. 98% 

Utah. 97%.  No access fund in Utah. Consider funding Colorado or Nevada funds instead. ( or

Nebraska. 97% 

Missouri. 97% 

Arkansas. 97% No access fund.

Wisconsin. 96%.

Oklahoma. 96%. 

Tennessee. 96%  There is an access fund associated with planned parenthood in Tennessee.   You can donate through them.

Georgia. 96% 

Minnesota. 95% 

Idaho. 95% This is an access fund in Oregon that helps women in Idaho.

New Mexico. 94% 

Alabama. 93%

South Carolina. 93%

Texas. 93% (abortion funding)/ (funding transportation to clinics)

Indiana. 93% 

Illinois. 92%

Virginia. 92% and

Louisiana. 92% 

Ohio. 91%

Alaska. 90% 

North Carolina. 90% 



The Center for Reproductive Rights is the world’s foremost legal advocate for securing women’s access to quality reproductive health care. Donate here.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is a political advocacy group focused on fighting for women’s reproductive rights and freedom. Click here to donate and here to volunteer.

National Organization for Women (NOW) is an activist organization, foundation and PAC that advocates for equal rights for women. Donate here, and look for volunteer programs, like clinic escorting, on your local chapter’s page.

Planned Parenthood is the country’s leading sexual and reproductive healthcare provider. Click here for nationwide volunteer opportunities (including as a clinic escort) and click here to donate. Local chapters also list more extensive volunteer opportunities, so take a look at your specific chapter (here’s New York’s page) for more.

The Reproductive Health Access Project is a non-profit that trains clinicians to make quality reproductive healthcare more accessible. Click here to donate.

The National Women’s Law Center has worked for over 40 years to enact policies and laws on behalf of women and families. Donate here.

The Sea Change Program works to reduce abortion stigma.



Million women marchOn Friday, January 20 in Washington D.C., Donald Trump will be sworn in as the nation’s 45th president. The next day, a demonstration that aims to bring a million women and feminists to the nation’s capital will formally protest his inauguration as commander-in-chief.

Hundred women pledge: "My work will not end at the ballot box. In the #First100Hours and #First100days, I will stand with women of color leadership. I will stand with women who are leading solutions that support a vision for Black lives, an end to violence against women and girls, power to make decisions about our bodies, health and reproduction, common sense immigration reform and an end to Islamophobia. I pledge to take action to pursue a democracy and economy where we all have an equal say, and an equal chance."


Running Start is an organization dedicated to educating young women and girls about the importance of politics, through the Young Women’s Political Leadership Program and various other fellowships and internships. Donate here.

She Should Run is a non-profit that aims to get more women into elected leadership roles. You can donate here or anonymouslyask a woman you know to run for office.

EMILY’s List is a political action committee that works to elect pro-choice Democratic women candidates to public office. Donate here, or find out how to how to run for office here.